BMW Clutch Stop

BMW Clutch Stop



Fits F30 F32 F34 F20 F21 F80 F82 E82 E83 E87 E88 E90 E92 E93 M3 M4 335 328 435 428 135 128

Installation Instructions: 


1 Ultimate E9X Clutch Stop:


 Begin by pushing the driver's seat all the way back to give yourself some room.  

The OEM stop is located behind the clutch pedal. Use a flashlight if necessary. 

Once you find it, simply remove by hand and pop in your new one. 

Firmly step on your clutch pedal to properly "seat" the stopper in place.  Congratulations, you're done!






100% reversible.  To remove, gentley wiggle back and forth as you pull the stopper back out. 

Avoid pulling straight out as this may damage the locking spines. 




If you're having trouble locating your OEM stop or you're not flexible enough to reach it,

 follow the below directions to remove the panel covering your clutch pedal.

Remove the 3 torx screws as pictured (T15). 


  Once the screws are removed you can pull the panel down.

Remove the 3 plugs shown.  Do not remove the optical connector on the far left.




 You can now put the panel off to the side. 

Looking up, you will see your stock clutch stop. 

You can peel it off by hand or with the aid of a flat head screw driver. 




Once removed, you will see a hole where your stock clutch stop plugged into.



 Simply plug your new clutch stop into the hole until snug. 

Firmly step on your clutch pedal to properly "seat" the stopper in place.




 Re-connect the removed electrical plugs and then re-install the panel. 

Sit back relax and enjoy your new clutch stop. 


 If you would like to purchase one or have any questions please email me at

$10.99 Shipped in the US




BMW E90 E92 E93 M3 325 330 328 335

BMW F30 F32 435 335  M3 M4

BMW E81 E82 E83 1M 128 135